Taliban – Action Figure ++

Calling all entrepreneurs, if the Taliban are going to be any good to anyone in the world (of course including their own people) the time is this. So check this out!

Ok! Consider a cool green action figure with a classy camouflage ranging from the big gown to hunter jackets. The Taliban action figure will come with rocket launchers AK-47’s and the special suicide pack (which of course you will be able to use only once)

We can have original Allah Akbar sounds to the local army shouts. Available in a double action figure pack with a cool Taliban Barbie in a big blue gown. Just consider the hours your kids are going to spend playing and learning the way of the Taliban. Ah the joy!

Now, for the feature of the night (drum rolls please) we present to you for full family entertainment. Load the AK-47’s on the Taliban…………… quite simple actually loading one AK-47 is equal to 10 points the more you load, the more points you earn, but of course there is a time limit after which the Taliban turns on his suicidal mode.


Published by

Fahim Akhter

Fahim is a product manager with over 10 years of experience currently working as product head at MONT5. He focuses on user centric centric design, especially on brand, user experience and revenue product challenges. Prior to joining MONT5, Fahim's has worn multiple hats during his career from game production to product development but the emphasis has always been on creating unparalleled user experience and to help startups to make complex products more engaging. He has worked on diversified portfolio of startups including games, apps, education and e-commerce with product reach of 10M users across the globe. Fahim is a computer science graduate from FAST Islamabad. He volunteers for education and mentors students and startups, to help them grow and drive innovation.

8 thoughts on “Taliban – Action Figure ++”

  1. The taliban and al queda fight for power only. Power without constructive purpose. Power to impose a fascist system on others. Laughing at them is a reasoned way to vent irrational, blind anger, while at the same time, we find a way to crush this form of evil into the dung- as we have in every generation.

  2. Now that is actually a real cool idea.. you see we can actually sell that shit & be rich! seriously .. if anyone’s up for it.. lets make it happen & I AM SERIOUS.

  3. Every muslim is “Taliban” and one thing that I want to say is:

    “No one can defeat Muslims (Taliban+Al-Qaida)”


    Non Muslims are fighting for mony or salery but taliban fights only in the way of Allah (Allah O Akbar)

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