I’ll show the ‘System’

Are you what you wanted to be ? Usually when we are growing up, we see our parents in jobs. Watching them go in and out week by week,the monotonous life, the boredom. We say to ourselves, when I grow up this is something I really don’t want to do. I am this and that , God knows what.

When your 17 you want to revolutionize the world with your amazing Idea,

you want to change everything. You promise yourself you won’t do the same mistakes your parent(s) did. Then you graduate and get a job. Two months in every thing is fine, you’re just looking for the right idea to pop up and you start your own thing. You never wanted the MAN anyway.

Steadily you go into your routine and now you start liking the monthly paychecks you get.

You’re addicted now, you still think of quitting the job and doing “something” with your life. But that feeling is somehow suppressed now. And it hits you! Your turning into just another cogwheel in the big ‘system’. You hate the feeling, this is the time, turn everything around. There’s still time, you can get out. Just go to the boss and say you’ve had enough! And then comes the next paycheck!


Published by

Fahim Akhter

Fahim is a product manager with over 10 years of experience currently working as product head at MONT5. He focuses on user centric centric design, especially on brand, user experience and revenue product challenges. Prior to joining MONT5, Fahim's has worn multiple hats during his career from game production to product development but the emphasis has always been on creating unparalleled user experience and to help startups to make complex products more engaging. He has worked on diversified portfolio of startups including games, apps, education and e-commerce with product reach of 10M users across the globe. Fahim is a computer science graduate from FAST Islamabad. He volunteers for education and mentors students and startups, to help them grow and drive innovation.

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