OMG! My Baby girl doing a job? Are you Crazy?

So I’m lucky enough to have family friends who are in the business of making nuclear bombs, no it has absolutely no relation to the post. Just thought to let you know.

Moving on, I was sitting at someones place and mom asks Mrs.Awesome Auntie so where does she start practicing  medicine and where? I thought something bit auntie or something , she pretty much snap-ed. “Allah na karay, why would my daughter practice?” (aaaa aunty because she wasted a pretty precious medical seat for starters? ) So in Mrs.Awesome Aunties opinion girls should not be getting out of their homes to work when their husbands/parents can offered to keep them in and even if something happens they should try to be at home and God forbid practice medicine.I totally agree like what sort of a douche bag  or you a retard makes their daughter practice medicine, how can anyone even think of doing such a horrid thing. Allah na karay what if someone actually benefits from her medical experience we don’t really want that now do we?

I’m stressing on medicine here, because you work your ass off to get to med school you get good grades in your School, high school college just for that one seat out of 200 – 500 maybe. You get that chance you study and then you don’t practice just because your husband wants to see you open the door for him when he comes home? What kind of stupid sense it that, why not do a BA degree, go in arts, literature, computing anything. Where you’re not actually taking a seat from someone who actually deserves it. Someone who would support a family, someone who would actually go out in the field and do something for people.

Who knows the person whose seat you came out just might go out and find the next best drug, he might be the one who eradicates polio by actually “doing something about it”, instead of knitting a sweater for the twin fetus in my stomach because I know medicine so much. What we need to realize is your son/daughter is a doctor/engineer he is an asset to the community, the society, the country. Money has been spent on him, resources given for 4-5 years of his/her professional studies. You owe it to the people to actually do something with your professional honey (no honey just because your daddy paid for the fee’s does not mean you don’t owe anyone anything)

In my opinion, there should be a bond that everyone that goes into med school should fill. That he has to serve for this much time, this much time in research this much in rural areas and this much in cities. Or he/she has to pay a fine of this much amount to the government of the country.

And please think about it, only if you can afford it means you want that last blanket if someone’s sleeping in the cold.


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Fahim Akhter

Fahim is a product manager with over 10 years of experience currently working as product head at MONT5. He focuses on user centric centric design, especially on brand, user experience and revenue product challenges. Prior to joining MONT5, Fahim's has worn multiple hats during his career from game production to product development but the emphasis has always been on creating unparalleled user experience and to help startups to make complex products more engaging. He has worked on diversified portfolio of startups including games, apps, education and e-commerce with product reach of 10M users across the globe. Fahim is a computer science graduate from FAST Islamabad. He volunteers for education and mentors students and startups, to help them grow and drive innovation.

12 thoughts on “OMG! My Baby girl doing a job? Are you Crazy?”

  1. listen whats wrong with knitting a sweater? i am SO tired of men AND women making making handmade stuff make it seem like its something “backward” or “conventional” to do. if knitting is that easy, i wanna see you pick up those needles and make me a sweater. i hate the fact that every person who thinks of him/herself as “educated” thinks going the manufactured way is the best way. no making stuff at home because its nothing but waste of time?! dude, i LOVE making my own things. i love creating, i love the passion, the time, the creativity, the effort i put in making a simple sweater, scarf, piece of jewelry, painting, photo, writing, cake- anything. and i extremely appreciate those who do the same.

    and i do agree with you on the other part though. i know so many girls who have studied or are studying medicine/engineering/even arts/anything for that matter and are not doing anything with the stuff they have learned.

    but then again- do you study only to work? isnt education suppose to be to enrich your soul? to find yourself- to make yourself- just to simply learn? i do agree not a lot of people study because of this- heck there is so much important in pakistan on giving the “exams” that one often forgets they are learning, discovering something new. something that should be cherished. i also know a lot of girls go to study medicine becuase their familes force them to. “naam ke aagay doctor laga hua acha lagta hai”. yes. but seriously, if you want a doctor in your name go and get a phd! right? an art degree in our society is scorned at. looked at something that you cant do anything with. something people do when they cant do anything else.

    omg this turned out to be such a big rant.. i even forgot what my main point was. =\

  2. By Mr.Awab Alvi

    Perfectly put – I was in a class of 75 students – 15 of which were males and the rest >>60<< were females – out of the practicing lot a couple of years down into graduation – the 15 douche bag males are hoofing it in the real world masquerading as dentists – while from the lot of 60 females – barely 5 if not a tad bit more are actually practicing

    The rest of the females have YES wasted countries resources and burnt them to the ground – I would have a different quip if they were in a Private college where you pat uptp 4-5 lacs a year – (thats another rant – the biz of education) but in the public / govt college we went to charged us barely 10,000 a year and most of it was waived by many in the form of Qarz-e-Hasna program – so ideally they paid barely nothing – and the Govt spent a fortune on the 75 odd students off which only 20 are serving the country in return ……

    Im all for gender equality – im all for open merit – but in public service sectors like medical education there should be a govt contract to keep them in service for atleast 10 years after graduation – if they qualify from a govt college they should serve the country longer –

    as regards to private colleges — its a little complicated – they paid their way – wasted their own money – but yes some very able candidates should have had the opportunity to achieve more –

  3. Probably she chose to become a doctor on her parents insistence so that the auntie jee can tell rishta walas that my daater is a lady daaktar. Meh.

    Hate this attitude. Nicely said oh you from nukes creating family. But thats a dilemma med schools are facing since long. Sigh.

  4. Ok bhaiya nicely said, and loved the sarcasm, totally true i know how hard it is to get in medical, been literaly khwarafying for my brother to get in BDS, lots of things are done lots of people study many of them study hard, and they actually do have people waiting at home to hear the good news that they are in, and soon they’ll be handling all the expenses of the house…

    I wish log perhay likhay jahil naah hotay….

    (off topic- bro change a layout bit simplicity is perfect, but it makes your blog look like a news paper, so try adding a little color – just an advice although always loved your content)

  5. I’m ashamed i read this. so i have to feel better by writing this response. Seriously! Your mom takes you to places with her. Specially with other people there. She has a strong heart.

    Regarding the message in the post, WHO GIVES A FUCK! what did you do after your bachelors that might have helped Pakistan other than making it’s citizens smash there heads against the walls after reading your patriotic posts, you schmuck.

    The girl studied hard to get into the medical college, if there was a SAVIOR out there who could have done much better than her, he should have beat her into getting into the medical college. and also don’t blame the whole society based on actions of your stupid society.

  6. Ok im a 20 year old hot busty barbie, i have spent 6 years memorizing piles of shit now i have to choose between

    A) Get married to a rich douchebag, stay at home watch starplus, get what everyone wants(u know what i mean), can flirt with the hot neighbor college kid while the maid do all the shitty work for me etc etc etc

    B) Do practice, wake up early goto a crappy hospital, deal patients who will scan ur stuff DEEP, come back home do dishes, etc etc

    Choose wisely….

    1. Honey have my number.

      A) Marry the douche bag have children or screw his brother even for all I care.Just pay the government 1.5 Million Rupees and everyone happy.

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