Exit through the gift shop

The one thing I’ve hated most about the consumer culture is the fact that good or bad isn’t judged by the quality of the product or the features, but it’s more affected by who owns it, whose wearing it and how high is it priced. That is not limited to products sold in commercials, made in factories or in designer houses. The same is very true for art, sadly.

An artists with a good PR team will gain more fame and acquire more money then an amazing artsist working on his own. All of this is portrait such brilliantly in ‘Exit through the gift shop’ . Thierry Guetta is well nothing at all, he doesn’t even make his own work, the one that he does make is a blend of already done street art with big paint splatters that he put in. The ‘art’ does not necessarily convey a message, unlike Banskey or fairy. It all just might be a social experiment by Bansky but well it worked. With a huge PR campaign, endorsements from Bansky, the LA weekly and Fairy. Shit sold out, to say the least. The exhibition went on for two months, selling most of the ‘pieces’ and earning Thierry Guetta over a million dollars.

The whole phenomenon is well brilliantly put by Steve Lazarides “I think the joke is on… I don’t know who the joke’s on – really. I don’t even know if there is a joke.”  

Thierry Guetta set out to make some money by selling overpriced modern street art and well he succeeded, of course everyone in the street art business is not going to be pleased by it. A random guy just came out of the blue and made more money in two months then they could ever imagine and that too by selling work that has been there for ages.

Well, one should never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups, if you are in the business to make money well there is nothing wrong with making a quick buck earned on by other peoples stupidity. If you’re in it for the works well you need to stop thinking about who buys your work and for how much, the process of creating art should be full filling for you. If it isn’t well you really should find a side job or well go Thierry Guetta on the public and stop thinking about if it’s ‘art’ you’re creating and feed that stomach.

Overall it’s such an amazing thing to watch, personally I do hope it’s all a hoax created by bansky. It would just take it to a whole new level.



Intermission Poster

Note to self : Watch this film again one every other year.

So, I thought to turn insomnia into an opportunity to catch up on the films, I’ve been wanting to watch for a while now. To be honest most of turned out disappointing, but then I found my Irish film stash.

I always love watching non american or the modern-day term foreign films. It’s always amazing to see how different the direction and story lines get when you step out of  the Hollywood(ised) drama or the wanting to be too artsy indie films. Intermission is definitely one of them. The best thing about the film is how you lose track of the story line and you just laugh or enjoy the particular moment in the film. I think a whole hollywood film can be based on just the last quarter of the film well most hollywood films are based on the last quarter of this film to be honest.

But what truly makes this amazing is the build up to that bit, how you are introduced to characters and how slowly you understand them (or not) and how fun the whole journey is. It’s like Guy Ritchie in slow motion.

At the start the characters are introduced slowly and you go deep in the life of one (or two characters at the same time) and you forget what the last bit was , then after every quarter of the film all of them are connected with the same emotions and things start to make sense. It’s really something to be seen.

Such handy camera work, interesting yet simple plot but most importantly amazing acting and the special magic glue that kept it all together.

What happened to the good old fashioned comic Hero’s?

I consider myself amongst the wee bit less fortunate ones who were unlucky enough to watch “watchmen” and “twilight” in two consecutive nights. Ok I know, I know the novels were amazing and to see it on a bigger canvas was like a dream come true. But here’s the funny part “I didn’t read the novels and personally I really don’t care about them”. I paid to watch a good movie which it wasn’t. If you had written outside it’s only for glorified geeks and the cult following along with the 18+ sign. I would never go in.

I want to ask what was so bad with the old school graphic novels, what’s so wrong with beating the up the bad guy and then he has your girl friend (secret obviously) and you rescue her. Like common that never gets old. Some kick ass vampires kicking around with guns flaps and rocket launchers kicking some wolf butt. Why do you have to drag gay emotions in it?

Look here’s the thing when I’m alone and its 2am I might even enjoy watching a walk in the rain. But with my mates in a big ass cinema the last thing I want to see is a blue guy screwing a chick with its twin. And nude scene’s on Jupiter. Like Common! For heaven’s sake man, their some perfectly straight guy’s here who really don’t give a damn about your inner deep emotions. They’re here to see you kick some butt not you packing up your blue balls and exiling from the planet! And yes I agree it was a really deep multi layered movie with amazing dialogues, so what? Here’s the thing if you argue with me that I didn’t read the novel. Look I never read, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, but I love the movies. So you really can’t pin that on me, like please!

Until the next night, I tried to give the modern comic hero’s another chance and plugged in Twilight, now that was the breaking point. That was the point when I said to myself I would go to jail making child pornography and die a humiliating death then watching another modern comic emotional hero for two hours alone in a damned room at night.

I can take vampires doing It, I can take vampires being gay, I can take vampires falling in love turning people into vampires shooting the hell out of each other. Fighting for evil or the forces of evil for that matter, what I can’t take is a vampire glowing in the sun, annoying the hell out of me for two whole God Damned Hours!

The plot was so empty and there seemed to be clear gaps and selected pieces been chosen and I just couldn’t take it when they started playing baseball. For heaven’s sake your vampires act like one. Don’t be my stupid cat who loves to watch Frasier. It’s not you you’re not supposed to do that, Reality check!

So yes I choose to see a old fat hairy bastard doing a cow then watch these emotional super nude hero’s again!