Taliban Housing Society

Well here’s an Idea, “Taliban Housing Society”. A place where taliban live? common don’t be absurd even i’m not that dumn. Anyways coming back to the topic, so yah a society where there is peace and queit (well most of the day) you have a taliban in his uniform standing outside every door 24/7 . And every day you wake up suit up or whatever you do in the morning. Get out and every morning a random taliban, explodes and if its your taliban you get a gift hamper. Ofcourse if your going out time collides with the explosion time the society will not be responsible but still.

So what did we acheive? a peacfull society where you are sure no one is going to steal your cell phones or there are going to be any sort of threats. What did they acheive? By my observations taliban are a switch which is turned on with a AK-47 in hand. You tell the direction and pump in the bullets and wallah, target practice. So this provides a possitive source for taliban to explode in.

* terms and conditions apply


Taliban – Action Figure ++

Calling all entrepreneurs, if the Taliban are going to be any good to anyone in the world (of course including their own people) the time is this. So check this out!

Ok! Consider a cool green action figure with a classy camouflage ranging from the big gown to hunter jackets. The Taliban action figure will come with rocket launchers AK-47’s and the special suicide pack (which of course you will be able to use only once)

We can have original Allah Akbar sounds to the local army shouts. Available in a double action figure pack with a cool Taliban Barbie in a big blue gown. Just consider the hours your kids are going to spend playing and learning the way of the Taliban. Ah the joy!

Now, for the feature of the night (drum rolls please) we present to you for full family entertainment. Load the AK-47’s on the Taliban…………… quite simple actually loading one AK-47 is equal to 10 points the more you load, the more points you earn, but of course there is a time limit after which the Taliban turns on his suicidal mode.