What is the price that you are paying to live ‘comfortably’

We live most of our lives to make things comfortable for ourselves and for the generation exceeding us. The rest however, is spent on survival.

Survival is justified but there’s another factor: comfort. How crucial is the latter for our lives? Crucial enough that I grind myself every day so that the carpet can be two inches thicker and the car a hundred horse power more? Our modern metropolitan lives conveniently trap us within it and we keep moving in circles. In return, we sell our experiences – all of those that we could have had with the time that we spent acquiring objects, the time that we spent caring for them and worrying about them being stolen from us. I wonder what if…

Is comfort really worth all that? What is the price of comfort one might ask; is it worth our whole adult lives? To flee, to be at one place; stagnant, comfortable. All the experiences we pass, all the people we could have have a significant impact on, the joy that could have been shared by many, all given up so that our lives and the lives of our children are more comfortable.

It is not our fault. Not really. We live and thrive in a (global) society where something as honorable as honor and respect is tied up with how comfortably someone lives and what other comforts they can afford. Human values, morals and all intangible things fall far behind.

It is a system that nurtures gathering and hoarding the need for more. One can escape from it in one’s head but a constant reinforcement and iron-will is prerequisite. We need to learn to be comfortable – without the comforts – to break this cycle and rise as individuals above this rat race that we’ve plunged into. We really need to rise above this rate race. Live a life

Where the label on our shoes don’t govern how good our lives are and we have more experiences to talk about, the tales of the thousand adventures we had, the lives we touched, the people we met, the things we learned rather than our latest acquisition of the finest lawn on the first presale of the season before ANYONE I mean ANYONE got it.