FireFox v3.0 , simpler , faster, Better!

The new Clean 3.0:

Download the third and the best release of Firefox (official Link)
Download it from

Finally something which says like Microsoft’s every single product the new simple and clean version with bla bla usability and crashes at the end. The key features which you feel that really make a difference in the first run are.

Beta vs 3.0 :
When testing the beta version I could not feel much of a difference between the two, the only place where I did feel the difference was when my old addons which now I think they are like a part of my Firefox didn’t really work.

Speed – Actually pretty fast:
The new version takes only 60MB in your RAM and is actually quite light you keep on opening the page and it doesn’t really matter like it used to at times in the previous versions.

Lots of speed issues have been resolved in this version making browsing and switching between windows really fast. Besides browsing the product itself seems to be working more smoothly then ever. When the Firefox team said they removed 300 speed bugs they actually meant it!

Navigation – Smooth as hmm now let me think of a good metaphor
The new Firefox comes equipped with an improved address bar. When you start writing you don’t only see the link in the auto complete but also the icon and the Title of the page, which makes it a lot easier to navigate. Still equipped with the old Google search (never gets old).

The auto complete in the web forms is a also a lot better, or rather lot cleaner than the previous versions and it does not take as much time as earlier.

Resume Download – Yes Finally its here!!!!
The resume option in the download is finally here, now you don’t have to say oh crap after you click yes when Firefox asks you want to close Firefox with two downloads in progress. The downloader is a lot better and smooth than the previous on and well the resume option is a blessing.

Save Your Pages – no Boss Trouble
I so hated the fact when you have like 20 tabs and you have to close the window cause the Boss is blabbing you lost like everything. But now before exiting you can actually save the space :D

Addons – Easy maintenance
Unfortunately you still need to restart Firefox every time you add a new add on. But now you don’t have to push the button I hated the most, get more extensions. Now you can browse for addons simply in the addons pop-up box and download the one’s you like directly.

Conclusion – hmmm
I think even Firefox 2.0 was a lot better than IE but this beat’em all by far.