WTF ( Worse Than failure ) Interview

So I gave the interview at this company, here’s the deal we are going to talk about it like this once and this won’t be mentioned for the rest of our lives. This was officially the most humiliating day of my life, lol. Well everything was going pretty ok and nice and easy.They asked from the .net framework my project and all the usual none sense from the difference of virtual and pure virtual to CLR.

The guy asked about dijkestra which I told and well which wasn’t it I told ksrukal instead of dij anyways I was confused and he went like “If you don’t know it say it don’t go around beating the bush”. I was like aaaa ok and then I proposed to him, maybe that wouldn’t have gone have bad. I said the word that should never be said in the history of computer, I slow uttered “Heap” without thinking and that was it. The end of my dignified life and the start of a misery that went for another 10 to 15 minutes. He went into heap from one and and well came out from a end that I never thought actually existed.

My favourite part was coming next, the cute looks they started giving to each other. They knew the Trojan horse had done the trick and I was doomed. Smiling he said thanks that would be it.