Why motivational speeches don’t work?


We all want to be productive. We all wish we could be motivated and we all want to do what no man has ever done before, or at least the 99% hasn’t. However, more often than we want to, we find ourselves in an overweight, lazy, unmotivated, working at a dead end job pit.

We watch a motivational video on the social networking website about the man who learned to play the Symphony number 2 while he cooked the best pan cakes you’ve ever tasted; all that after his horrific accident where he lost all of his limbs and an eye and
it moves our soul. We promise in the name of all that is holy and right in the world that this is the point beyond which our lives will be changed forever and I will transform myself into this six-pack beast whose everyday consists of a class act starting off with a revolutionary invention of a biofuel and ends with feeding the orphan ducklings in the local park.

Yet, after an hour we find ourselves with a bowl of fries in front of our TV watching the latest of the Kardashians. Again.

Why is it, that something so profound has no effect on us and every time we feel the burst of positive energy and then all of a sudden it is all gone?

Why is that self-help books are among the top ten best sellers yet, the number of people influenced or guided by them are less than the number of editions of that title?

The fact is this: every single person from those videos and every case study in the self-help book, everyone, before becoming that inspiration or achieving all that glory, have gone through pain and suffering of first understanding themselves, understanding what keeps them from growing, from becoming what they desire and where their inability actually lies.
It is only through the suffering of understanding ourselves and what we lack, that we can rise above it.

Embarking on that northern adventure, making a cabin in the woods, quitting your job and starting to work on your startup on a whim, that’s all going to be great for a time.  But as many things that we try to fill the little holes in our heart with, they all seem to fall; piece by piece. And we’re back to square one again.

It is because we choose not to suffer. It is because we do not choose to appreciate or rather understand that vacancy that we have right in the middle of the heart.

Like the comic says, not till we learn to run and enjoy the whooshing sound the hole makes in the wind, we cannot progress as a being. We cannot be fulfilled, motivated or be at peace.

No amount of motivational speeches and self-help books are going to fix us and no cabin in the wood is going to feel like home until we suffer and enjoy our home as a home and our current state of suffering as a reality. It is then, and only then that even a small ant carrying a load to her house can motivate us to take down a mountain.

My shitty grammer fixed by the very talented and super intelligent , Mehreen Qayas ( http://1800km.wordpress.com/ )


Peace and happiness

Some of us find peace in religion, others in drugs, money, men/women, alcohol, so on and so forth. If I had one more drop of this licker it will take away my worries and it would all be beautiful. I would rather have a purple colored dinosaur running after me for three straight hours, scaring the living shit out of me, or I’d work 14 hours a day , x years straight to get me that one thing that I wanted, which will get me what I want.

I have a friend, his status always reads as “A society obsessed with HAPPINESS!”. I hate him, I hate him to bits. I hate the fact that he always makes me think when I logging in the morning. I hate analyzing in the morning everyday why are we doing what we’re doing, what form of happiness what kind of satisfaction are we searching for , so on and so forth and you know how the cycle goes better.

He always has to say these little things at the weirdest of times, shut up you over analytical fool. You know too much! And the worst part of the whole thing is, he is usually right.

Personally, I think it’s not happiness we think we are looking for; we’re mostly looking for peace.

Now, that’s something precious-to be at perfect peace in whatever conditions we are living in; realizing what we have and what we don’t and somehow being content with it. Well, that’s the right way to do it.

But that’d be too easy wouldn’t it? In our flawed human nature we seek happiness .We run, we run after it like a fairy tale princess we’re seeking locked up in a high tower with an evil step mother.We want to seize it we feel the need that we need to work for it harder and more and in x,y and z directions.

We’re always striving, for any one of the above mentioned. It’s always about needing that or there, it’s always about goals and meeting them. Which kind of makes sense; everyone should have that something to live on for. But associating that “something” with happiness / peace is something different.

I always think hey if you go to that special place after that x amount of running around the mountains (literally) you’ll be happy or at peace. You get there, and that moment last for nothing more than an hour. You come back and you tell everyone about it. How amazing it was, how great it felt, the air and the clouds, you relive it in your head over and over again. But somehow, if you didn’t have all those people to tell, nor did you relive it in your head of how perfect it was (in your head) it would have absolutely no meaning or significance.

Peace, shouldn’t or isn’t something that you can gain by winning or earning x, y or z. It’s either there or it isn’t. Maybe, if we stopped looking for it so damn hard, and in all the wrong places. It would find us, one day.

(Edited by : Izza  because woman knows her full stops)