Emergency , Martial Law , The Media and well ME!

Had a lot of discussions rather arguments in the university with not one but a group of people. And well the conclusion I’ve come to is people like to put their own incompetence and blame every thing on the government. On the matter what the government has done for us, and of course our favorite topic unemployment. Would anyone like to enlighten me how much the government gave to bill gates, Sir Richard (virgin group), Manesh Bhatia (hotmail) ? We are willing to put 5Lac

and get a visa to another country because *their isn’t anything in Pakistan*. Rather use the brain and time and make something up here. Manesh Bhatia was rejected on his Hotmail proposal 25 times but he knew he had something.

On poverty , can you tell me five people you know that died because they were hungry ? My dear friend more people die of hunger in the US then in Pakistan statically speaking. Over a hundred murdered take place only in Detroit alone on a single working day. There is more drug and alcohol abuse in other countries then Pakistan.

On “Religion” , religious is a person who has all the facilities lives in the crappiest place. A strip club at his door step and a pub next to him but prefers to the mosque. Its not the person who has a gun pointed on his head and the maulana says have a beard or my 45mm is going to do the trick.

On jihad, I’m sorry suicidal bombings on passer by people because they live in the country or their the other religion even our own.Well HELLO! open your eyes.

On sawat issue , A maulana sahib with tea mugs saying jihad or death. I think there are more ways to it.

On emergency and Marshal Law , I think if all the generals are after your ass you would’ve done the same.

On Pakistan supporting America, Stop talking to people in Pakistan stop watching the propaganda of Geo and go outside the country and every one knows Musharaf had two choices Pakistan or Afghanistan what would have you chosen ?

On Free Media , lol … That phrase always makes me laugh. Did you ever tried watching FOX , BBC how many times they contradicted their dictators? When on Aaj you have your four man show. A guy dressed up as a girl , being the “IT” thing right now. Azfar and Mani , beating the crap out of every one from 12-2 every Saturday . How much of an open media do you want? Tell me one thing who is running the media? its people just like us. Who when born had two things done to them one azaan cause your Muslim two hate the government who so ever it is cause your a Pakistani.

We love to see people go down don’t we ? Tell me before Musharaf how many governments in Pakistan completed their tenure ?

On the country governed by the Dictators or the Army. Just humor me my friend when in the last 70 years the country has prospered ? If I’m not wrong , it was Zia , Yahya and now Musharaf the rest of the time can you tell me what the politicians did? What did the politicians did these five years except taking T.A.D.A and walking out in the Parliament.

You want a Islamic constitution, why didn’t you elect MMA in the elections which was the right way… Oh sorry I totally forgot the right way to is to blow half the population that would take care of all the problems , poverty , inflation and America. Its like don’t eradicate Poverty eradicate the poor isn’t it ?

You want a revolution they don’t come from politicians they come within the people do you have what it takes? and by the way revolution against what? You took over the government you have a Khalifa now what ? The best you can do is close down the chin ease masseuse centers. Thats surely going to solve the problems of Pakistan….

Maybe we want a leader who sits on the tele with her 1million bucks glasses with sera lion diamonds in it, Or maybe even whose too afraid to come and a million people listen while they stare at a phone with 30 mikes on it.

I just don’t know why is it every one trying to make it more harder for the poor country then it already is let it be play your part. And start doing something instead of Getting a big pack of black cotton and getting the prints and walking around with them, my dear peace loving people.

We talk about Jobs , if you come to the university at 8.30am leave at 1.30pm take classes do assignments get a straight 4CGPA. You don’t know how to act talk around people and cry their not jobs my brother there are jobs look in the right places.
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” Einstein

I know a guy who had been in a company for three months wanted one months leave they said no just said ok I’m resigning and they knew what he was and gave him the leave. I know people who went straight on 60k just because of their projects. So stop putting black labels watch Geo on the internet if you want. Study and be the guy that people want you, you don’t want them.

There is no conclusion,no nutshell, no butts and therefore just a pray, stop fighting look within yourself be a better person first then worry what should be on tele who not..

life’s short don’t make it harder on others, on yourself thats your bussiness