World Peace / Metropolitian

Warning! All content is highly amateur stupid and doesn’t make sense 99% of the time readers discretion is advised.

Metropolitan : The place where you can beat a homey up and get away with it, with no one asking what happened.

From Islamabad to Delhi, London and Back… I love them all I love the serenity or nobody caring. I love the hot chick on who every lads eyes are. I love the corner bar where you have to pay first before you enter. I love the only couples cafe’s which make you feel lonely.

God I missed you metro’s so much, I missed your big widened roads which are always under construction. Your posh posh Restaurants where you sit look around you and make yourself feel good. I love the feeling of humiliating someone who you know can’t hit you back. I love the feeling of being above the law cause your dads a big fat government dick head.

I love the elections where you know doesn’t matter who you vote for the moron’s going to win.

World Peace : Like any other two legged animal, I like peace and serenity in my life, I’m against whats going on there and there and of course there…. not to forget that country raiding over that country and making that country look bad. I don’t like that , I just want a tree house a bit fat ass one with a nice view sit there keep some dogs shoot em up (the birds I mean) lead a simple life (of course a swiss bank account with loads of cash in it).

But I’m a man, I want things quick and nice I want this all to be over with so I devise a plan. I get creative, I start it off by suicidal bombings what better way to world peace then a suicidal bomb ayee… I find the solution to every thing, the pills the doc gave me once a day, I take em all…. I want it quick it I want it clean…..

I plant a bomb around my waste and run into the crowd with all those kids and mothers, what better way to world peace then a suicidal bomb