Why I don’t want to hear about no one hiring fresh graduates.

I’ve been hiring fresh graduates for a couple of years now and it’s been a wonderful and at the same time terrible experience. We always heard everyone saying that no one in the industry gives fresh people a chance and even after 16 years of education kids find themselves working as interns for a year. Which is unfair and I really felt for it and wanted to have some of that energetic young blood in the company.

Now, the issue with hiring new people isn’t their skills or their competence but their attitude towards the interview process. For instance, if you get a 100 resumes and you tell those 100 people to write a single paragraph as a test. A maximum of 40 will ever reply you back, 10 of which after a week will apologize for not reading the email and 5 of those will have a sick mother. Now the 30 that did write something 10 of them never read what you wanted them to write And we’re down to 20.

One more thing 80% of these 30 that did write are going to be girls because us boys can’t be bothered with a company who want us to work even before hiring. How dare they! I would rather work somewhere where I’m accepting just because of my sheer manliness and my stand against non paid questions at interviews.

So our interview batch of these 30 brilliant, young, talented, enthusiastic folks is ready and we send out interview requests to all of them (if the given phone numbers are not off for the three days we call them) . After accepting the interview on the set date me and my team are all excited to meet this fresh blood and learn something from them. Guess what 50% aren’t going to show up, heck they aren’t even going to pick up your call when you ask if they are actually showing up.

Why would someone send their resume. Reply. Write a paragraph. Set up a interview time. Not come for it is just beyond me. And that is the thing reason why I hate absolutely hate the process of hiring fresh graduates.

After all of these shenanigans when someone complains to me that people don’t hire young fresh grads I want to slap them with a ‘ultay haath ki’ .

Okay, finally I have that out of my system. Having said all of that in our team the best people we have were fresh graduates and they are pure and absolute joy to work with. They pick things more quickly, they are always coming up with these amazing knew things which I have NO clue about at all. And honestly they’re running our company, we’re just at times nudging them in a particular direction rest its all them. I could not be more happier with the kids I work with.

But the process of getting them here is agonizing.